Advantages of Pile Driver snow plow wings?

  • These wings extend the width of the plow by 24″. With an aggressive attack angle they turn an average straight blade into a snow pusher and still clean out when the plow is angled to efficiently windrow the snow
  • Carrying capacity can be increased by 30-50% (depending on the plow)
  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel, powder coated, and zinc plated for lasting durability against corrosion
  • Heavy commercial grade rubber cutting edges fold back when pushed up against curbs, allowing the plow to easily move up and over
  • Wings attach and detach in seconds
  • Does not affect trip function of the plow
  • Designed by professional snow plow operators with years of testing
  • Will not work on any “XT” or high wing plows
  • May not work with trip edge plows


The standard Pile Driver snow plow wing kit comes with everything you need to get started! (mounts and installation manual included)

Installation on Western ® Pro-Plow

Installation on BOSS ® Super-Duty Plow

Western ® Pro-Plow

BOSS ® Super-Duty Plow